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Sobornost: Series 3, Issue 9, Summer 1951
A Letter from the President 373
EDITORIAL: The Sign of the Cross 374
The Holy Places Edward Every 378
Simplicity in Prayer  Gilbert Shaw 382
The Sacrament of the Word (Part I) John Meyendorff 395
The Ascension and the Church Leslie Towner 400
Archbishop Germanos of Thyateira Helle Gorgiadis 403
Professor S. L. Frank Archimandrite Lev 404
John Cassian by Owen Chadwick reviewed by Derwas Chitty 406
A Treasury of Russian Spirituality by G. P. Fedotov Iulia de Beausobre 411
Revelation and the Modern World by L. S. Thornton, C.R. George Florovsky 412
A Solovyov Anthology by S. L. Frank Archimandrite Lev 415
Priere el saintete dans I'Eglise russe by E. Behr-Sigel L.G. 416
Mes missions en Siberie by Archimandrite Spiridon  L.G. 417
The Venture of Prayer by Hubert Northcott, C.R. L.G. 417
Die Ostkirche by Metropolit Seraphim  L.G. 418
Russian Theological Books Nicolas Zernov 419
ST. BASIL'S HOUSE Joan Ford 420
The Scoto-Russian Fellowship of St. Andrew Nicolas Zernov 423
Abingdon Conference, 1951 424
Hospitality for Summer Visitors 425

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Sobornost: Series 3, Issue 10, Winter 1951
Tradition Henry Balmforth 425
The Sacrament of the Word (II.) The Bishop in his See John Meyendorff 432
Veneration of St. Joseph in the East A Monk of the Eastern Church 437 
Russia 852 - 1952 : A lantern-lecture without slides Patrick Thompson 442
The Festival of St. Paul in Greece, 1951 Graham Dowell and Denis Savramis 450
Aims of the Fellowship Nicolas Zernov
Professor George Fedotov Nicolas Zernov 462
The Abingdon Conference on Tradition E.L.M. 463
Impressions of Abingdon 1951 Brother Raymond, S S.J.E. and H. Boone Porter, Jur, 466
The Scottish Conference : Christian Initiation R.K.W. 469
Tradition and the Spirit by Daniel Jenkins reviewed by Archimandrite Lev 471
The Christian Church and Missions in Ethiopia by J. Spencer Trimingham Richard Rutt 473
Writings from the Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart translated by E. Kadloubovsky and G. E. H. Palmer Nicolas Zernov 474
Father Paul of Graymoor by David Gannon J.F. 475
An Outline Guide to the study of Eastern Christendom by Henry Brandreth, O.G.S. L.G. 476
Au Coeur des masses by R. Voillaume L.G. 476
Das Bild vom Menschen in der Ostkirche by B. Zenkowsky translated by H. Strauss L.G. 477
SECRETARY'S REPORT Helle Georgiadis 477
Annual General Meeting 480
Fellowship Retreat 1952 480
Annual Summer Conference 1952 480

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Sobornost: Series 3, Issue 11, Summer 1952
The Relatives of Our Lord Archimandrite Alexis van der Mensbrugghe 483
The End of a Chapter Helle Georgiadis 495
Halki To-day John Maitland Moir 502
A Serbian Church in Britain R.M. French 504
A Lutheran-Orthodox Student Conference Leo Zander 507
News from Sweden Inga Johnsson 508
A Letter from Denmark Arne Bugge 510
St. Tikhon Zadonsky by N. Gorodetzky reviewed by E. Behr-Sigel 511
A Philosophy of Form by E. I. Watkin Archimandrite Alexis van der Mensbrugghe 515
St. Cyril of Jerusalem's lectures on the Christian Sacraments Ed. F. L. Cross L.G. 521
Paulus-Hellas-Oihumene : an Ecumenical Symposium L.G. 522
Dr. Lee of Lambeth by H. R. T. Brandreth, O.G.S E. L. Mascall 522
Holy Communion and Holy Spirit by J. E. L. Oulton J. G. H. 523
Russischer Geist und Evangelisches Christentum by Ludolf Mailer D. H. Teufel 524
Russian Purge and the Extraction of Confessions by F. Beck and W. Godin 525
Florence Allshorn by J. H. Oldham N. Zernov 526
Ecumenism and Catholicity by William Nicholls N. Zernov 527
The Eucharistic Year by H. Riley J.F. 527
Periodikon  Helle Georgiadis 528
Abingdon Conference 1952 535
Fellowship Conference in Copenhagen 536
Fellowship Scottish Conference 3 of cover  
Hospitality for summer visitors 3 of cover

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Sobornost: Series 3, Issue 12, Winter 1952
Dom Gregory Dix, O.S.B.: An Appreciation Mark Tweedy, C.R, 537
The Revival of the Religious Life and Christian Unity  A. M. Allchin 541
Methodism : A lost Anglican doctrine of the Spiritual Life H. A. Hodges 545
Religion and Regimen : Moments in the history of Roman Catholicism Nigel Abercrombie 555
The Third ‘Faith and Order' Conference Nicolas Zernov 566
Abingdon 1952 John Maitland Moir 571
Scottish Conference, Walkerburn 1952 Wilfrid Currie 574
Vocation to Fellowship Helle Georgiadis 577
Receive the Joyfulness of Your Glory by Maisie Spens reviewed by E.I. Watkin 580
Unseen Warfare being the Spiritual Combat and Path to Paradise of Lorenzo Scupoli as revised by Theophan the Recluse L.Gillet 584
The Patristic Doctrine of Redemption by H. E. W. Turner L.Gillet 586
Der dialehtische Materialismus by Gustav A. Wetter L. Gillet 588
A History of Russian Philosophy by N. O. Lossky E.R. Hardy 589
Bulletin Anglican and St. Vladimir's Seminary Quarterly  Helle Georgiadis 590
Annual General Meeting 591
Fellowship Retreat 1953 591
Annual Summer Conference, 1953 591
A new Fellowship project E.L. Mascall 592

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